Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Collage Layouts

You'll remember Nicole got me hooked on creating photo collages, of which I did quite a few, and had printed ages ago.  What I had't done of course, was stuck on them down and put them in my albums.

But guess what? Now they are.  Here's what the finished articles are like - some nowhere like the digital version I had planned, mostly becuase I decided to lift my own words off the blog and add to the images, so more space was needed. I should talk/write less, I suppose!

I apologise in advance for the flood of {poorly edited!} scrapbook pages....

I like the effect of printing on the patterned paper here - collage printed 6x8.  I think I will use 6x8 more often, as it is easier to deal with, unless I have a LOT of photos I want to show.

The journalling and the photos were all printed as one 8x10 on this one, it seems to work. Like how this one turned out, even if that startled owl is covering a slight measuring error?!

Finished size 12x12 double pages. Ended up being a bit different to the digital version I did....

A 8.5 x 11 double page, using a 6x8 collaged photo.  And the journalling straight from my blog, about my truck driving adventures....

I don't think these two pages look like they belong together, but oh well, its done. Love that paper, which came as a pack from DCWV from Big W of all places.

I've also done some other "normal pages" but I'll save them for later...


  1. Sharon, these are SENSATIONAL!
    The collages are wonderful and I really like your 'where I grew up' page - might 'borrow' that idea.

  2. another set of wonderful layouts - you really have an eye for placement and balance. Love the the 8 x 6 size

  3. Bloody brilliant! I will be borrowing some ideas too.
    Can I see an Ingunn influence in loading hay? My favourite :)

  4. Di, it may have been a subconcious Ingunn coming out! Though she does collage layouts just so well, I may have used something of hers to get me going on the placement of the photos themselves, I honestly don't remember.

    I think I may have mentioned before that I want to be Ingunn when I grow up scrapping wise? :-)

  5. I liked the title and a special I love photography too has affected my admiration for the subject, I wish you and familyevery success and ^_^


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