Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Everyday and Extraordinary of 2010

So, in 2008 I joined Nicole and did 52 weeks (which isn't really finished yet - but I do have all of the photos, just need to print the journalling - so, so close!), and for 2009 I am doing a best of (will share that process soon) and 2010?...

Nicole again prompted me - she is doing a week to a page using divided page protectors (her example below)

Brilliant idea, but I know I would struggle to finish it - I think I would get through to the end of January...but instead!  I plan to do a MONTH at a time! I got myself some of these same page protectors, made myself a little template in Elements so I can get printed 4x6 photos that have two little photos on them, and I also made some monthly title blocks to go.  To fill any empty pockets I will use scraps of paper to suit the title block, and journalling if needed. 

And if I have LOTS to share, well I can do another page if I want, or simply do my own collage of photos (the way I have so far) have that printed and slip into a standard page protector within the album.  I have a AC 8.5x 11 album not being used ready for this project.

I even thought I could include 2011 in the same album, using the same format, or whatever brilliant idea Nicole comes up with for then. ;-)

This should be so easy! Here are the little monthly title blocks  - will get them printed monthly with my photos.  Crop and slide into the pockets.  Quotes from quote garden on the net.

Here are some other ideas of how you could capture your year....I am particulary taken with the business card holder and the page inserts (but I've already got my A4 sized pages...) Cute and concise!

The two items above I found at kikki k, but I think you could source the same thing at a lesser price at office works or the like.  The same with these A4 sized business card holders - perfect if you take landscape photos more than portrait style. (or you could chop a full sized portrait 4x6 in half and just slide each half into the appropriate pockets)

A blogless reader of mine (hi Kathy!) showed me the brilliant way she put together Project 365 this year.  She bought a photo box from Kikki K, and simply slipped her photos in the standard photo holders.  But doesn't it look great? Simple and effective and easy on the eyes.

As you can see, the lid flips around and it closes up like a normal stationary box file. This same concept could be used to catch a few photos from your month, with title blocks slipped into the pocket to divide your month. No fiddling around to crop photos, journalling could be printed on a 4x6 block as well, or like Kathy did, printed directly onto each photo in your editing program of choice.

So there you have it, how I plan to capture our 2010, and some other ideas to hopefully inspire you.  Good luck on your journey...


  1. I started a month at a time in 2008 - only got to July :-( Still, it was a good way to recap and I think I'll try something similar again. I LOVE Kathy's idea - great presentation.

  2. Go Sharon. My 52 weeks 2008 is rather in the same state. Just waiting to be printed and assembled. Will get to it soon. Love Kathy's idea it is stunning. Can't believe 2010 is tomorrow, Happy New Year.

  3. hi sharon, some great ideas!
    I love kathys idea, and it looks gorgeous too!

    just want to tell you your templates look amazing, I have many myself collected from different places on the net, but think yours are some of the best.I love reading your blog, you have become very much a favourite of mine!
    happy new year to you!

  4. oops - Sorry forgot to email you and say 'use Kathy's stuff on your blog!'. I'm going to try to incorporate her idea into mine. I can actually take a photo a day and photoshop the day onto the photo as she has done, and put it into the baseball sleeves (printed half size) cause I have 9 spaces. 2 spare for pp or cardstock. But if I can't maintain it, I don't take a photo a day, then thats okay too, my baseball card sleeves should be flexible enough for screw ups! :)
    Thanks for sharing - love it all.

  5. argggggg....too many ideas...oh man!!!!
    LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I do them all...that would be know me!!!

  6. more great ideas and thanks for the heads up on where to's been years since I scrapbooked and am loving your beautiful simple fuss free pages they all look magic and something you can achieve without major time restraints my 2010 journal is off to a good start thanks to you and Kathy's great ideas...Happy New Year

  7. love those month titles you made. am also a big fan of business card holder sheets.

  8. ok...hate to be a wowser...did u see the typos...
    i have tons and tons on my pages so dont think I am being picky just thought you might like them perfect :)


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