Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Or lack thereof...have been trying to get in the mood today, by doing some tidying and putting up a few more decorations (not that we have many, and only one tiny set of lights, which are on the tree, which we put up on the 29th November. It was a weekend, and it worked for us!). 

I dressed the bare branch creation (with bells) from a couple of posts back, and even if I do say so myself, looks pretty darn great, if not a little modern and trendy for our old place!  I'll take some photos tomorrow, promise.

Another thing I have been doing to try and get me some Christmas Cheer (apart from the liquid form in a bottle!) is edit and fiddle with the photos from our annual Santa visit at school a few weeks ago (school for us finished a week aga today).

(there's something about the text on this that is bothering me (apart from the big S in school) if you can put your finger on it, please let me know!)

Santa's visit always provides much entertainment and hilarity for the parents, and this year was no exception.  Poor elf had to huff and puff to get their transportation mobile (too hot for reindeer, dontcha know?!) - Santa must have had too many weeties for breakfast.  I know what Santa did have - just a wee too much Christmas Cheer with the XXXX's on the bottle prior to visiting the school...let's just say he was quite boisterous...!  And quite, quite funny, if not loud!

This was my oldest girl's reaction:

HILARIOUS, no?!! didn't realise I had this until I looked at the images a day or so later!

But, even with Santa being overly loud, all of my kids sat on his lap (albeit dubiously!) for their photo and gift, and Georgie even ran to hug him goodbye as he farewelled the kids.

I'm planning on doing a collage style hybrid page, for each of the kids.  Off to do that now...

Oh, here's another photo, just cause they are cute, and all dressed up in Christmas colours:

Taken before we left to meet Santa, with Georgie drooping with exhaustion as she had been at school all day.  After I took this photo, I made (yes MADE) her drink a glass of lemonade and eat some snake lollies, because if there is EVER a time that she needed a sugar boost, it was right before she was to play one of the fairies in the school play!

Actually, just ONE more thing:  keep on eye open for my next post - a celebratory 200th post!  Make sure you visit then!


  1. hi sharon,
    glad you liked the reindeer cookies - all purpose flour is plain flour and we used 1L jars - make sure you press the layers down well in between adding so it all fits - have fun!

  2. 200th post - how do you do it - i'm still back around 60! Love the pic of the kids, can't wait to see some pages - feeling a serious lack of scrap pages at this end of the year - I am missing it, but can't fit much more in. DD is fun but an actually page would be great! Love to see that star cookie tree!

  3. Looove the pics!!! Our kids get visited by a very 'merry' Santa at the fire brigade party, and it is always HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Love your Santa's transportation!

  4. Love Santa's mode of transportation! Too funny!! And his black rimmed glasses are...a bit weird! Thanks for the fun post.

  5. nicole, I think the glasses are actaully safety glasses with the lenses popped out, as his fluffy eyebrows have to be attached to something!! and you can't see it well, but Santa up here wears cowboy boots (though one particulary hot year, he wore thongs aka flip flops, instead!)

  6. Christmas Cheer always comes in the liquid form here - isn't that normal ?? ;-)
    The kids are looking gorgeous - but Santa, the dodgy eyebrows are killing me!


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