Saturday, January 24, 2009

$530 worth of groceries later...

We went to our closest Woolworths supermarket yesterday, a good two hours drive away, to do a big grocery shop, and for my husband to see the chiropractor, and for me to get a massage. Holy Smokes, do I ever know I've had one today! She really got stuck into my sore spots, and also made me stretch my legs to places I really didn't think they would stretch to...and told me to do that at home as well.... I really CANNOT see that happening!
Anyhow, we had a day out, got a heap of groceries that are waiting to be put away (fun, fun, fun ...but I would rather do it myself than have my husband do it, because when he does it I can spend hours searching for something I was SURE that I had bought, but has been put away in some obscure place!)

Anyhow, Di ( - can someone please teach me how to link that properly?! please?) has challenged me to go to my sixth photo folder and find the sixth photo. Hmmm....this is what I came up with.

And boy, does this photo have a story. This photo was taken down the paddock at LC {abbbreviation for our property name}. This charming piece of vintage machinery (Massey Ferguson T32 tractor, I think is its name) is currently residing in my front horse paddock, which is right beside my houseyard and garden, right beside the road. It is there because my husband wants to sell it, but so far (its been there QUITE awhile) a For Sale sign has yet to be added. It's for sale as we only need one tractor, and we bought the property with five I think...I've lost count...


  1. I hate doing a big grocery shop like poor bank accoutn cries:-(

    To link...Copy the 'url' that you want to link to (the http thingy in your address doodad)
    In your post,type the persons name, then highlight it with your mouse,then next to the 'change colour of your font icon' there is a little icon that looks like a chain.
    Click on the chain icon and a pop up thingy will come up asking for the hyperlink address. Paste the copied url into this and then click 'okay'

    Hope that helps a little bit! All of those technical terms like doodad and thingy....yeah, ummm, not really an expert LOL

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your photo number six! The shelves actually come as big as 5 wide and 5 high. I have 4 x 4 in my daughters room.
    Perhaps I should have also shared, I don't live that close to Ikea either. I put the kids in the car and headed for the hour and a bit drive to the shop, picked up the shelf and came home all in about 3.5 hrs. It was a mission and a shame not to shop but it was all the time I had. Gotta love shopping on the internet first - so handy!


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