Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Other Stuff

Just to completely change the subject, here are a few layouts I have done...ages ago, and after checking the girls albums, are pretty much THE last layouts I have done for them. Which just goes to show just how much scrapping I have achieved lateley, because they are both pretty much sitting at September 2006. I think Angus's book is a little more up-to-date (somewhere in 2007).
I think I have to get more organised, and do some "catching up". I have decided to produce three pages roughly the same in one sitting, (layout/design wise) - for each album - even if the story is different, to make the process quicker.

A little less time on the internet might also speed the catching up process up!

I was having some fun with squares at the time obviously, and you know what? I still love them, and the papers I have used. I was really embracing the whole Simple design concept at the time. I may have posted these on my blog before, and if so, sorry! I don't have any other interesting photos to share with you just now.
So here's to my new resolution, though I am not sure when I'll get started! :) I really need to get my bookwork up to date, and do some of that pre-mustering baking done... just think, instead of blogging, I could be scrapping. Except blogging makes far less mess and doesn't involve children hovering over ones shoulder wanting to know "whatcha making mum?"...perhaps I should just go fully digital. But its not nearly as much fun!


  1. such lovely LO's & they truly embrace the 'simple' style.

  2. Love these Sharon! The photos in 'Mudface' are just gorgeous!!!

  3. Hi Sharon; these layouts are FANTASTIC! Love that clean and simple style. BTW I've given you a blog award. Be sure to pop by my blog to collect it. :)Love Anita. xxx


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