Monday, January 26, 2009

Altogether too cute

I think there must be something about little boys that makes their mothers go all mushy....(especially when they say "But I love you Mum" sobbing on the floor when they have been denied something terribly trivial! it didn't work though!)
Look at that face. A very dirty face, truth be told, but still...

This is a rare one of the boy, looking at the camera without having a finger up his nose or showing me his bare bottom instead.

He has quite a wicked little sense of brother was recently rough-housing with the girls and in the melee, his (skip the next few lines if you are of delicate nature!) his bum crack was exposed... Angus caught sight of this, thought it was HILARIOUS (as did the girls..what is it with kids and bums that is sooo funny?), and with a wicked snicker, promptly pulled down the back of his pants so we could see HIS bum. I have to say, it is MUCH cuter than my brothers!

Again, why are bottoms so funny? Mine most certainly is NOT, the most unfunny part of it being its size...but that's a whole other, very long post!


  1. I boy gets away with MUCH more than his sisters ever did *sigh*.

    And their hands..little boys ALWAYS have sticky hands, which ALWAYS want to hold mummy's...:-)

  2. oh sharon he's such a cute little scallywag...if his bum is as cute as his face he'll go far in life!!LOL


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