Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just trying this out

Thanks to my long lost friend Kirsty, I have worked out how to link cool, and I will be linkin' idiot from this point on....all of the cool things I find when I am spending totally unproductive time surfing the net.

Like this site, which is free, and lets you turn your own handwriting into a font. Haven't tried it yet, but will do... one day when I think my handwriting doesn't look half bad.

Or, if you want to freshen up or change your blog template, try this one...

I'll be keeping track of all the cool things I find to share with you here (this Simple Scrapbook gal finds lots of good stuff as well!)

And just 'cos I hate to post without pretty pics, here's a digital scrapbook page that I did after finding a free template download from Jessica Sprague and CK. It was fun, if not a little frustrating to start off with, but I can see me using it again. I love making collage or storyboards, even if just to email or print out and use on a "real" page! Or to share things with you anal am I, I am off to take a photo of the yet-to-be-put-away-groceries to share with you, just so you can see what I boring life I lead.!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! I am glad you understood my garbled instructions LOL


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