Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peace Decends

My oldest daughter headed off to start year one this morning, full of excitement, because she loves school, and a new little girl was also starting prep today as well. In a school of 10 students, and having only 2 girls in that 10 last year, this is terribly exciting! There was no tears or trepidation on anyone's part - their new teacher rang the bell and they were gone! No "goodbye mum" from any of them...
Anyhow, guess who turns six on Thursday? And guess who has been ordered to make, and I quote, "a chocolate heart shaped birthday cake with pink and yellow, and flowers.." Well now! Anyone who has read this blog throughout the previous year will realise that while I am more than capable of baking cake after cake after cup cake, any decorating that ventures past slapping a bit of icing on top, and getting really fancy, some hundreds and thousands, tests out my abilities to the fullest. I must have been away for the cake decorating lessons in Home Ec!

But the challenge is there, so after I wrestle with some folding (the washing has multiplied ten fold since this wet weather from the ratty kids that appear to love being in a varying states of dampness!) I intend to get baking, so I can start decorating tomorrow, and take the cake to school for morning tea on Thursday.

There's something to look forward to folks, because Iam sure that I will have some tales to tell from the cake decorating adventure that lies before me. Going on previous ventures, its a given!

(By the way, I didn't make this card, I lifted it from some other cool blog, but forgot to take note of its address! Sorry!)


  1. good luck with the baking, i'm sure you'll do a great job & the kids will love it
    Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

  2. I am so happy that I found your blog. What is it really like to live in Australia???I have always wanted to visit but the cost is too high for me and my hubby. Maybe someday. :o)



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