Saturday, January 31, 2009

All in a day's work

On Wednesday I was granted a "day off" (don't get me started) and went with my husband to help shift some cattle from a boggy paddock. It was a full day, and I had my trusty little point and shoot camera with me, wrapped in a handy plastic bag that came around a catalogue in the mail (reuse - recyle!). This is how my day panned out, in a little photo essay for you to enjoy. Or not.This was part of my first job, after arriving at LC and having a coffee. And changing into one of my three pairs of shoes I took with me. This is the lane way I had to drive up on my four wheeler - about a foot deep in water. Luckily, I found higher ground soon and got out of the water. Driving in its not as fun as it sounds, when getting bogged is a threat!

And then I had to moove (get it :)! ha ha!) this little mob through this extremely wet and boggy gate to dryer land. And believe you me, they weren't too keen to go this way (the ONLY way) and and I had to do some fancy riding to get them moving. Even if I do say so myself! And see that water and mud there, right in the gate. Guess who had to remove her boots and socks to shut the blo*dy gate? And pull my jeans up over my knees. The mud was knee deep by the time the cows went through. I am sure Trevor was behind a tree snickering at me... I didn't see him shutting ANY gates. (but I have LOOONG memory love, so be warned!)

And then I went for a ride through the paddock, and found these cows (see way up there in front of my motorbike - which is nicely accessorised with a pink tool container, cause its a girls motorbike, of course!) and this tree. I was a bit bored behind the cows, so I pulled up to look at its interersting-ness.

Then, just by pure chance, I found this little man hiding in the grass, waiting for his mama to come back and collect him. That wasn't going to happen, because we'd just shifted her into another paddock, so I carried him over my knees back to his mama. He peed on me. It was warm, and wet. And I had to stay in my wet pants for quite awhile before I could change them...

So, we got the cows shifted and calf re-united, and I also changed my pants with great pleasure. We then had to go and check on the bogged tractor, which involved driving up the road until we ran out of firm ground, then going the next 5 kms on the romantic. Just me and my beloved roaring up the road on the bike. He drove, so I got to sit behind him with about 1 inch of my bum on the comfy seat, and the rest on the metal grate on the back. Yes, sooo romantic.

This is what I found up the road apiece...the bogged tractor. It stayed bogged too, that baby wasn't moving without assistance. That ground around the tyres? It was like soupy jelly. But good news - he went back again today, and with some tricky manouvers, managed to get it out the the mud..and parked up on firmer ground!

And that pretty much summed up our day...we (using the term loosely!) fixed a fence on the way out, and then drove through pouring rain on the way, where tea was cooked in the slow cooker and my boy was overjoyed to see me. The girls were excited too of course, but my boy, well, he's still my baby!


  1. SO cool!!!!

    I don't know about that day off though?!?!?

  2. What a day? It's been a while since I've checked your blog and I must say I'm blown away by your cleverness and creativity. Go girl! I'm more than a bit envious of your 'quiet life'... Love, Megan.

  3. such a team you two make together, & the photos are great, keep up the good work

  4. Wow Wow Wow. And that is your day off??


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