Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prime Waterfront Views

That's what we woke up to this morning! At 5:30am I got up to yell at the barking dogs, wandered to the toilet and then back to bed - looking out the window as I did so. Even with my shortsightedness I could see the water level - holy macaroni!
It rained heavily last night - 3" - after about 5" of rain for the past week. This excess of water overwhelmed the town levee banks (not to a panic level though) and has filled our streets and gutters, as it flows slowly down to the creek. The water, at its peak, was up over the gutter and through our front gate (and in the wee hours before I got up, I suspect into my laundry, going on the pile of wet towels on the floor that thankfully, were there to be washed)
This means great things for the kids - kayaking down the street! The small mob of town kids, aided by their 40 year old going on 14 year old fathers, have dug out the kayaks and canoes, and have let the kids go their hardests - kids from 2 to 14 years, all having a ball. The water is only about knee deep at the most, and about 10 metres wide in the biggest area, but still, its a rare occurance and they are making the most of it!
I'll post some of the many many photos I have taken shortly.
Off to enable the kids some more!

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