Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I should be vacuuming the floor and cleaning up my house, but instead I found this on my friend Kirsty's blog (who I haven't seen for years, and stumbled across on Facebook - finally, it has been good for something!)

This quiz is about Your First Baby: (hey, and what a great scrapbooking page this would make!)

1. Were you married at the time? Yes

2. What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? Yay...and gee, that didn't take long!

3. How old were you? 28

4.How did you find out? pee on a stick pregnancy test..now THAT was fun! well, interesting is more the term. Its a skill that requires some practise, but after three pregnancies and a doctor that requires pee testing at each checkout, one rather gets good at NOT peeing on ones fingers. Just keepin' it real folks!

5. Who did you tell first? my husband..though I think he may have been home at the time, waiting for the result.

6. Did you want to find out the sex? No. not with the first one.

7. Due date? I think it was the 21st January 2003

8. Did you deliver late or on time? God No - 29th January, 8 very very long days late

9. Did you have morning sickness? No, not really. It went away if I ate something, usually high in protein.

10. What did you crave? Food in general ! :)

11. Who/what irritated you the most? not being able to do stuff (like lifting!) and my husband forgetting that I really shouldn't be lifting that 30kg bag of chook feed; back pain that drove me nuts.

12. What was your first child's sex? girl

13. How many pounds did you gain throughout pregnancy? not many (7kgs in total) , its the AFTERWARDS part where I gained the weight, or didn't loose any of the baby weight.. times 3. :(

14. Did you have any complications during pregnancy? not during the pregnancy

15. Where did you give birth? Park Haven Hospital, Townsville

16. How many hours were you in labor? Forever?!! Induced at about 8am (oh the horror when that horrid drip kicked in!) baby born just before midnight the same day.

17. Who drove you to the hospital? Trevor..actually, I think I drove both of us!

18. Who watched? Trevor and about 10 other medical staff (very nice staff, I have to add!) mum and m-i-l waiting in the waiting room (not all day, I think they turned up after tea time, when they realised things weren't going as well as they should have)

19. Was it natural or c-section? emergency ceasarean...

20. Did you take medication to ease the pain? Trevor thought that they would have to bring in another tanker load of gas, but then the midwife thought that an epidural might be nice for me!

21. How much did your child weigh? 7lb 13oz.

22. Did your child have any complications? She swallowed some meconim (sp?) but passed all of the tests, thankfully

23. What did you name her? Kate Elizabeth... we really hadn't settled on a specific name, but once I was out of recovery we decided on Kate, it was on the top of the list....for such a long time, before we were even married, we were going to have GRACE Elizabeth, but then our good friends had a baby girl, and used the name before us...

24. How old is your first born today? she'll be 6 in 9 more sleeps!
Here she is, snuggling up to her baby brother - they are both so much alike, in personality and looks - but that's a whole other post (which includes why I don't want another baby - especially if the pattern should continue and the next child would then take after our second child, Georgie... she's very individual...and I think one individual like her is about all this mother can handle, thank you very much!)

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  1. Thanks for playing along love! I really love reading about all these baby stories:-)
    I was excited, cause my mum did hers...and it was about me!!! LOL


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