Sunday, January 11, 2009

Living with Imperfection...

As I mentioned before, we have an old house. Like REALLY old - probably built in the 1930's or 40's. It originally housed the post office and telephone exchange, of which there are still remants alluding to this history, around the place. Like the bit where people used to post their letters, holes in the floor where the phone wiring used to be, and a strangely shaped bathroom that used to house two seperate toilets (male and female). The house is mostly made of tongue and groove timber, with a more "modern" addition (1960's - how I know? that gorgeous (ahem) shade of both green and pink paint used liberally!) The ceilings are so high that I can't reach to cobweb (what a huge problem!) and my 6ft 2" tall husband can only just with the broom on full extension.

We put in a new kitchen and re-did the bathroom when we first moved here, and slowly are doing little bits as we see fit and have the money...the next big project - painting the outside. Hopefully the painter will be here in the middle of the year, when its a little cooler.

Anyhow, here's a peek at our old and very lived in house. I promise to think of something more interesting to write about tomorrow!

Going left to right from the top: my new huge pantry/store cupboards (last years big project) behind the dining table; the tiny front verandah complete with artwork from a previous owner (its meant to be an old dunny! but I have a pot plant in front of it); the kids playing in the lounge room (with the hopefully soon to be replaced ancient lounge suite! ) - the living area is all open plan; my favourite relaxing spot, an old daybed from my granma; the front verandah again from the front doors. And dd2's rather silly black cat, imaginatively named Sooty. Though he gets called a few other unfriendly names in the wee hours when he's prancing around my bed.

Hope you've enjoyed this little look at where we live - the collage was done in PSE; I love playing with my papers, but I also really enjoy doing digital collages and other little "instant" waiting for photos to come from the developers in the mail!



  1. looks like your home is full of character & charm, thanks for letting us peek into your true country home

  2. Its a beautiful home! We too have a veeeeeery old home. I have a definite love/hate relationship with it, and we have been through so much with it...lead paint asbestos flooring...*sigh*

    Some days I long for a brand spanking new one, but it just wouldn't have the same personality, would it?

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog!

  3. *heh* Just had to jump in again to say I am LOVING your blog! Love catching up with you and what has been going on...its like having a facial and a wine all those years ago...almost;-)


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