Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

(said in the voice of that big guy who used to be in Everybody Loves Raymond).

I'm a bit late I know, but after some lovely and flattering comments from two of my favourite Australian scrapbooking ladies (thanks Nicole & Di!), I thought I had better update my blog. Because someone other than me is obviously reading it!

We've just got back from a few days in the city, where the children were rather feral... perhaps because we never go anywhere? They are happy to home and I believe are off being feral again, but the good thing about that? I can't hear them. Unlike in a two bedroom townhouse in the city, with a tiny back patio...mind you, not hearing them usually means they are up to no good...

Like last year, I want to be organised in 2009. I sort of got started in 2008, and got there, a little bit...this year, and hopefully soon, my office area will be totally re organised. It won't look like the Freedom catalogue, but hopefully there will be less paper on my desk, with everything having a special home. I'll keep you posted, with photographic evidence. First I need to clean up my desk. Its just a little TOO real at the moment!

Another project I have in mind for 2009 was loosely inspired by Project 365 that seems to be taking the scrapbooking world by storm. Lets call mine Project 12 instead! (already, doesn't that seem to take some pressure off?!) Last year I did a 52 weeks project, which was wonderful and I love it (and I even caught my husband looking through it!) where I did a photo a week with an accompanying diary type entry. This time I am doing the same sort of thing, just monthly, and with more photos, using these resources:
This 12x12 binder (on sale from I was going to use an American Crafts binder, but these were half the price. Affordability wins!

This 6x6 paper range from Basic Grey, again on sale from Hybrid Designs. See that its got green in it? For once in my life it will ALL be co-ordinated. Well, the patterns are all different, but they all tie in together.

These divided page protectors, used randomly. The idea here being to use more of the LOADS of photos that I take (and mostly just put away in a normal photo album) and add little stories or notes about what we have been doing. Though Di has given me an idea about using a 6x12 page protector for the journalling, and perhaps placing it in the middle of the double page spread of each month that I was planning.
Anyhow, I had best get back to my unpacking of suitcases and shopping (school stuff and the like) as well as the dishes. Procrastination by thy name... I promise not to procrastinate too much about posting again soon...I just have to get my camera from the kitchen to the office. Its such a long way. But those Christmas photos need downloading! bye for now..


  1. Love this idea Sharon. I am thinking along the same lines for this year, like you I take so many photos. I lok forward to popping in and checking out life in the bush, so different to our bust city living.

  2. Hey those albums look good! Are they vinyl or cloth covered? Kids are feral wherever you are. city or bush.

  3. Hi Sharon; I just discovered your fantastic blog via your comment at RW. Love your style of writing and scrapping....will be checking in regularly. Happy New Year and happy scrapping! Anita. xx


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