Thursday, January 29, 2009

oh dear.

need I say more?!

I have lots to share with you, including my activities of yesterday, and the much heralded cake adventures of today. I did warn you that some tale of woe would result from my birthday cake making - it happens every year - at least once a year (sometimes I escape unscathed!)
Yesterday I went and helped my husband at LC, having shipped one child off to school, and the other two to "spend some quality time" with their paternal grandparents. I headed off armed with three pairs of shoes (my husband commented on the fact that I was the only woman he knew that needed three pairs of shoes to go mustering... I had thongs on my feet, cause it was wet, work boots for protecting my feet once I got working, and gumboots for just in case things got really messy! A girl has to be prepared!) and we shifted a big mob of cows from a boggy paddock into a harder paddock on higher ground. I have to say it was wet - not raining wet, though it did threaten - but water on and in the ground wet. I took lots of photos, to share and to look at in 6 months time to remind ourselves, that YES it did rain, even if it is a far and distant memory!
I'll come back soon and share some pictures of this adventure, and that of the very expensive and very bogged tractor. And some of the birthday cake too, although they are almost too embarrassing to share. But I'll say one thing, it must have been tasty, because there's little evidence of its existance tonight, apart from a few crumbs in the tupperware container!

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