Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rambling on...

At 4am this morning (thanks to late afternoon caffeine intake), I had written enough witty and interesting blog entries in my head to last out the week. However, by the time I got out of bed (after going back to sleep)...they have all withered into the ether that is my scatty brain. Oh well!

It has been raining, which means a few things:

1. my husband has been home for the past couple of days. Normally a good thing, but being housebound, he has been driving me nuts. Hogging my office and computer, grumping about (not MY fault he can't weld or dig holes or whatever he was pining to do) and generally making me wish he would find something else to do! It almost has me convinced that YES he can build that bloody shed in my back paddock...(I have issues with the plans of his huge shed taking up significant area of grass growing space to feed the pony and poddies!)

2. the kids have have to play inside = messy messy house. And lots of DVD watching (especially when its been raining heavily and the TV satellite reception gets interrupted)

3. it's EXTREMELY soggy outside - making walking the dogs quite interesting...but in my spotty gumboots and oh so matching stripey knee socks (and with shorts & cowboy hat, man do I look fetching..ahem!) I can go anywhere. I currently am babysitting two other dogs, who have significant issues with strangers (issues that involve growling and teeth!) which included me to start off with, but all is good now and we are best buds.

4. the place looks like a chinese laundry, with the washing hung under the back patio.

I've also done some scrappy things, like these little thank you notes for Christmas. I should have used Christmas paper I suppose, but I liked this - it was the back side of some free paper from BHG! I thought they might have been too simple, but like the way they turned out in the end.

Anyhow, that's about it for today, I must go and post some mail and then plan to behead two rather rampant Geisha Girls that are taking over the garden. Don't tell 'em, but I also have plans to dig them up altogther, so their days could be numbered!

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