Saturday, January 17, 2009

We make our own fun in the country

The view from across the road from our house quite early this morning. The water is over the edge of the gutter onto the footpath, and just through the front gate.

This one is from the front steps, after I'd been for a stroll down the road to check out the creek. It wasn't over the bridge, but I thought I'd lost an idiot dog when it decided to go for a swim and ended up being sucked under the bridge. All good, it came out the other side. Luckily - it was one of the ones I've been minding!

This one is of the kids walking up the road (or river! hee hee!) from the pub to the police station. Handy location, that of the police station, just in case there is ever any trouble at the pub. Happens a lot in here you know. Ahem.

I took some of the kids playing with the kayaks, but it won't load. I took loads of photos, but sun + glaring water = difficult photographic conditions. At one stage we even hooked the four wheeled motorbike to a row of three kayaks and towed it (slowly!) up the road loaded with kids. They had a ball!

Here's some locals, enjoying the morning by the water! First there's A, who is actually the publican, and who is looking most glamourous (and she always does, you know, look glamourous!) in her floral gumboots and camo pants, and bling sunnies. She is also sitting in a kids fold up chair (cow!)...and then there's J, who is rather dashing in his cut-off jeans and smoking a durrie. He's the local truckie, and they both own (respectively) a good portion of the kids that splashed around with my own.

I love that they are both sitting in water: A on the footpath is in a good inch or so, J sitting off on the gutter a bit, in the shade of a big fig tree, much more. He's sitting on his favourite fishing stool, which he just happened to have in the back of his car. He pulled out the chairs when we decided to have an impromptu get together under the fig trees while the kids played, and played and played some more. A went and got some tea and coffee (on a tray with good mugs!) and I ducked home (200 metres down the road!) to quickly throw together a chocolate cake. So we served smoko on the bonnet of the Suziki.

Sort of felt like a most Australian thing to do!


  1. Awesome photos Sharon! I'm quite envious of all that rain (pretty dry here in Victoria these days!) Great to see you all made the best of it. Smoko in style, indeed! Anita. xx

  2. Another great capture the essence of outback Australia so well...droughts & flooding plains springs to mind


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