Monday, January 26, 2009

The washing still isn't folded

but I got these done today. And I paid the bills, which then justified the time I spent scrapping(?!!) These both took far longer than they should have, given my new brilliant plan that I had for getting more done quicker, but I really wasn't feelin' the vibe as much today... and again, I apologise for the crappy photos. I normally use my fantastic little point and shoot for this sort of thing (for some reason it takes far better photos of layouts than the big gun Canon DSLR!) but it waaay out there in the car (in the car shed!)...and it's been raining. My husband reckons I could dissolve if I go out in the rain. He is SUCH a comedian. Hear me laughing? :)

Groovy girls is an 8x8, the other 12x12 (which is actually on pale pink CS). I was extra lazy today and even used the same paper (and scraps of cardstock from one on the other!) on both. And I have a feeling that one of the brads I used is bigger than the other, so I might need to fix that! I also used some cute little felt flowers that I placed over the flowers on the paper. Not sure that I love either of 'em, but at least they are done!

Betcha can't guess who's original layout gave me the bones for both of these? :) Anyhow, school starts here tomorrow, after a very laid back Australia Day here - it has drizzled pretty much all day and we just doodled around the house... Just quietly, I can't wait for the little bit of peace and quiet that comes from having one less (noisy!) child in the house for a few hours!

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