Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Loose Ends

I've just noticed that the link to my old blog at isn't working for some reason, not that its important...but anyhow, if you click on the link it will bring up that the page isn't available. If you remove the suffix /atom from the address bar (I should know the proper name, but you know what I mean - that bit at the top of the page where you type in the web page address!) it will go to the correct site.

A bit more about my planned 2009 project: this will be our family album, as I rarely get time to do any other scrapbooking, other than in the kids albums. Along with the green album I for for this project (which I am thinking is big enough to house next year as well, if this is successful) I also bought a yummy red binder. I plan to take all the miscellaneous layouts I have done over the years out of the post bound albums I have(which sadly, isn't that many!) and place them here, in loose categories (ie weddings and special occasions, family etc).

I'm even thinking that I might get another one of these (or an AC one, if they come on sale) down the track for our wedding album, which after 8 years, has not been done (apart from stuck into one of those dreadful sticky paged things..what can I say? I knew no better!) I've been gathering ideas, mostly from a recent "8 weeks wedding album" class that was on twopeas.

I really like this idea, although I haven't got (and won't get!) any huge enlargements like this, I can work with what I have got to do something like this; and again use the divided page protectors to include more of the heaps of 4x6 photos that I have. Most are quite ordinary, but what else can I do with them?! I just need to find some nice clear letter stickers like these - any suggestions?

Anyhow, this quick post has grown like a weed - all over the place! I must go and feed some starvin' kids, and do some dishes, and feed the chooks, and finish preparing some books that need to go away for well as run some rather energetic dogs we are dog sitting...I could be here all day if I start making lists of things that are waiting to be done. Its endless!

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