Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Back Yard

I thought I would share with you this photo my five year old daughter took, after she begged to borrow my camera "very carefully" (my little point and shoot, NOT my precious Canon!) It makes me laugh to see the way the trucks have been set up, complete with the flower to decorate; I also like the way the photo captures our back yard...complete with that darn couch grass growing in that garden bed just there. That tin building over in the background is the chookrun.
Our house is built on a quarter acre block, so I guess we have a HUGE garden compared to those in the city (this photo only captures the bit BEHIND the house...theres a lot more along the side!) I am slowly putting in garden beds to offer shade and protection and some lushness against the heat and dryness out here(although the yard is looking quite green as this photo was taken after some good rain). I have to say my motivation does a nose dive sometimes, though, when I have to battle the invasion of couch grass, and I have to wait (and wait, and wait) for some good dirt (read manure from the cattle yards) to be brought home. My husband considers the supply of dirt a LOW priority, but won't let me drive his new tractor to get it myself!

I'll share some photos of our old (ie 70 plus years old) house one day, perhaps after I've cleaned and tidied up...there's such a thing as TOO real you know!
A question for the more blog savvy out there: how do I add a picture that can be clicked on to make larger (to see more detail)...I have trouble working out the right size for my images to post here...

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  1. That is an awesome photo! One of the things I love about this scrapping online community is connecting with people all over the place. I am enjoying getting a glimpse into you life Sharon, so different to ours!


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